Black African Woman

Be Seen | Be Heard | Be Inspired

Be Seen

Your whole self is
valuable here.
We see you sis.

Be Heard

Your voice is needed
in the world.
We hear you

Be Inspired

Your dreams are valid.
We’re here to inspire
you to live them out.

Welcome to the bAw Network

We are a movement of black African women (bAwses) rediscovering and redefining our identity while encouraging our sister next to us to do the same. Join us as we spread authenticity, vulnerability, love, and courage to the world.

A Movement. Not A Moment.

Be Seen

We are in a season where the black African woman (bAw) demands to be seen and accepted for who she is. You will be represented here and all parts of who you are (good, bad, and ugly) are welcome here. Show us what you’re working with gurl.

Be Heard

The voice of a woman, and especially the black woman, is growing more crucial in different spaces in the world. No longer is she relegated to the kitchen or back room. Your thoughts, ideas, and questions are needed here. Talk to us sis.

Be Inspired

Today, we are seeing more and more bAwses who look like us doing the things we once could not dream of. As a part of this movement, your dreams are so necessary and we invite you to ignite them as you set another sister’s dreams on fire at the same time. Let us inspire you to live out your dreams.

"I am a woman who recognizes that healing is found in telling my story and holding my sisters up while they do the same."

- Sonia Dee


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