Thought-Provoking Tuesdays: Knowing Yourself

More often than not, we don't take the time to dig deeper into who we are as individuals. When asked some questions, we can't really give an answer because we have not spent enough time knowing our own thoughts and desires. Our own weaknesses and strengths. Our own likes and dislikes. I love this question … Continue reading Thought-Provoking Tuesdays: Knowing Yourself

The bAw Turns 30

Photo Cred: Behance Online   For a few months before my birthday this year, I had this dreaded feeling that I was getting older and what did I really have to show for the 29 years I’d walked this earth? I mean, living in this social-media-crazed-world, I’ve found myself comparing my life with others – … Continue reading The bAw Turns 30