bAw African Love Series Season 2 : Sandile & Sabi (Episode 2)

Photo Cred: Sam Sibanda

Hi bAwses!


I hope you’re basking in the beauty of the “Month of Love” 😊 It’s my favourite month of the year – not just because it’s my birth month – but also because love emanates from God Himself and love builds up, encourages and revitalizes a person.


Last week we began Season 2 of our conversations on love with newly-weds Cain and Nomusa. Today, the journey of unpacking love in an African Christian context continues with one of my faves, Sandile and Sabi!


Photo Cred: Sam Sibanda


In contrast to last week’s couple, Sandile and Sabi knew each other for several years before dating and getting hitched. Even then, they had intentional conversations with God about each other and can testify to God’s Hand in their union.


To listen in on this conversation, click here and be sure to share the goodness once you’re done. And of course, leave a comment to encourage our couple. As always, feel free to leave your questions too.


Photo Cred: Sam Sibanda


Next week we’ll hear from another lovely couple so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you get it while its fresh! Journey with us as we get real and practical about love God’s way as African Christians.


We love you and we’re praying for you sis.


With love,

Sonia Dee & The baw Team

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