Be Open: A Breakfast Conversation

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Morning Lady


And Happy New Month 😊


How are you doing sis? What has been taking up most of your time for the first quarter of 2019? Whatever it is that’s been keeping you pre-occupied, I sincerely hope that you’ve managed to find a good balance and that you’re becoming more of the person you would like to be.


As you may know, we will be hosting our 2nd annual breakfast on the 31st of March. We had a great time in 2017 and we wanted to do it again this year. We’ve received some enquiries around this get-together and I just wanted to share more on where we’re coming from with the event so you know what to expect and if it’s for you to attend.


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I may be completely off, but it’s dawned on me that as women (especially black African women) we have gone through trying and painful experiences in our lives. Whether it is discrimination at work or a heartbreaking relationship or situationship. Maybe it’s the struggle of eating and living right.


Whatever it may be, more often than not, we reach a stage where we no longer want to feel that shame or dread or disappointment that circumstances bring. Like a baby, we want to be swaddled in situations that are safe and won’t cause any further harm – surface relationships / mundane job roles / keeping to ourselves and our space / appeasing everyone around us etc.


Thing is though, we miss out on life when we close ourselves off. I’m speaking from personal experience… I struggled with friendships for the longest time and so I decided to be the chick who is friendly with everyone on the surface but never really lets anyone in. Mind you, this was a subconscious decision.


It worked temporarily until life got real. Until I was going through a depressive phase and couldn’t seem to make sense of my world. Until I hit road block after road block at work and had no-one to be vulnerable with in order to receive support and good advice. I was “safe”, but I was stagnant and unhappy.


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I got tired of the illusion of safety and wanted to truly live in the multi-colour that life is meant to be. In order to this, God said to me I needed to be open (James 5:16).


My team and I would love to invite you on our journey to openness and a fuller life. This year at bAw our theme is “Be Open” in order to see yourself right (through Christ’s eyes). ‘Be open to what exactly?’, you may be thinking:


  • To opportunities


  • To new relationships and friendships


  • To disappointments and failure


  • To being let down


  • To being celebrated and loved


  • To being seen and appreciated


  • To who God says you are


To encourage each other on this journey, we want to invite you for some brekkie and girl talk around this topic. We’ve also invited a couple of people who have managed to live more open to the ebbs and flow of life, who will share their stories with you and take your questions. We’ll also pray with and for each other to hold on to God’s Hand as He guides us to a more vulnerable and blessed life.


bAw Breakfast Poster Unfiltered


Date: 31 March 2019

Time: 09h00

Venue: Buitengeluk, Broadacres Lifestyle Centre, Fourways, Johannesburg

Price: R250

Dress Code: All White with a touch of colour


This is what you can expect on the day:


  • 3-course breakfast
  • Bottomless tea/coffee
  • Jugs of juice to share
  • Cake
  • Practical gift to take home
  • Inspirational conversation and the opportunity to ask questions and gain clarity on your journey to being open


If this sounds like a journey you’d like to take with us, click here to send us an email and we’ll give you the deets for payment and reservation of your spot. As with all our events, space is limited to encourage intimacy and true connection so be sure to book your spot ASAP.


Photo Cred: Braids Gang Tumblr


Get your all-white outfit ready for the day as a symbol of your readiness to start on a clean slate!


Hope to see you on the 31st sis! We’re rooting and praying for you always.


With love,

Sonia Dee & The bAw Team


P.S. We are currently running a competition to give away our brand new T-shirts! For more deets and to enter, click here.

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