bAw African Love Series Season 2: Culture vs Faith in Relationships (Episode 4)

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Happy Wednesday!


I hope the month of March has been good to you so far. I must say on my end it’s been generally good with random incidences like wasps and spiders at my place (shivers). Nevertheless, I keep reminding God that He promised that He’s my Husband while I’m single and needs to take care of things like bug termination cause your gurl just can’t! Lol!


Anyhoo, back to matters at hand 😊


The month of February at bAw was dedicated to African Christian love, and included some really insightful interviews with 3 different couples. It gave us an amazing perspective on love God’s way within the African context, and also highlighted the fact that everyone’s story is bound to be different. The key is zoning in on your personal relationship with God. Click here for more.




Today we finish off Season 2 of our African Love Series with a bit of a twist! Larissa and I sat down with a bunch of young single women and men to tackle the difficulty of finding love when confronted with your faith and culture.


We had a whole lot of giggles and aha moments! It was amazing to come to the realization that you’re not the only one facing certain challenges as a single Christian man or woman who is also African. It was a refreshing conversation and the beginning of more to come.


To listen in on this interesting dialogue, click here and be sure to share the goodness once you’re done. And of course, please leave a comment (here or on the YouTube video) to encourage our panelists or to leave your questions should you have any.




Thank you so much for journeying with my team and I as we unpacked a topic that I’m sure we can discuss for life. We’d like to thank the panelists for agreeing to become vulnerable and share their thoughts and experiences around this issue. As always, do leave your comments below and let us know how you’re doing or how we can serve you better.


We love you and we’re praying for you sis.


With love,

Sonia Dee & The baw Team


P.S. Did I mention that we have our annual bAw Ladies Breakfast taking place on the 31st of March? No?! Well, gurl you need to grab you a spot cause it’s going to be all sorts of LIT! I’m so so excited and wouldn’t want you to miss out. We are almost at capacity, so drop us an email at if you’d like to reserve your spot!



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