About Us

Hi Sis!

Do you sometimes struggle with understanding who you really are? Maybe you even struggle with liking yourself. Do you often question why exactly you’re on this Earth? Have you been trying to figure out who God really is and how He fits into your life? Or maybe you’ve been struggling to have wholesome relationships – romantic and non-romantic.

These are issues we all face – sometimes on a daily basis! And this is why we’re here – so that you know that you’re not alone and don’t need to walk this hard road alone.


So what are we about?

  • We believe in Jesus Christ, and that He died for our sins and to reconcile us to God.
  • We also believe in the power of the Holy Spirit from Christ to empower and guide our lives.
  • This is a healing ministry, and seeks to see the black African woman right in order to offer her the room to become whole in Christ.
  • Our ministry is based on Isaiah 61:1-3.
  • We desire to provide an open and safe space that allows the everyday bAw to explore her true identity in Christ.
  • We believe that healing comes through seeing ourselves right (through Christ’s eyes), and also from sharing our stories to encourage one another.
  • We recognize that the black African woman is not homogenous, and we seek to celebrate our unique differences in Christ.
  • God, and His word, is the final authority on every aspect of our lives.


‘black African woman’ offers encouragement and support through our monthly YouTube conversations, consistent social media posts and quarterly #FreedomTalks (events) for the year. We have also recently launched the bAw Innkeepers initiative which supports a group of societally disadvantaged black African girls through coaching and supply of needs.

In today’s world, the bAw is constantly bombarded with messages of what should be important to her and who she should be. She can become overwhelmed with feeling not good enough, incapable, rejected or helpless.

We strive to point her in the direction of the only One who knows the answers to these issues of identity.

So sis, we invite you to join our movement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that you can become who God called you to be.

We really hope you’ll choose to walk this journey with us.

With love,

The baw Team



  1. This is a beautiful page that you have started Sonie… May the Lord lead you and continue to use you to help others. Watching you go through this journey of starting your blog has been amazing… And I am really proud to see this happen. Blessed beyond belief you are…

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Congratulations on taking this big step and starting your blog!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you. I am sure the blog will be very relevant to a number of us 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well done Soni for taking this bold step! May God continue to guide you as you try to make a difference in the lives of others! Am really proud of you!

    Liked by 1 person

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