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bAw African Love Series: Andrew & Claudene Adar (Episode 3)

Photo Cred: Sam Sibanda


We have come to our final instalment of our African Love Series thus far!


In celebration of #YouthMonth in South Africa, our final instalment of this series features a young couple. She’s a beautiful coloured woman from South Africa, and her hubby is a black African man from Kenya.


Photo Cred: Sam Sibanda


In this instalment, Claudene and Andrew are candid about the challenges they faced being in an intercultural relationship and marriage. They also offer some profound wisdom on how to recognize and wait for “the one” from God.


In terms of their careers, Andrew is an IT Specialist while Claudene is an Education Psychologist. Both of them are Youth Ministers in their church and community.


“Don’t look for love. Quietly give it away and let it find you back.” – Unknown


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With love,

Sonia Dee & The bAw Team


Larissa & Sonia of bAw with the lovely couple


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