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Confronting the Other Devil: Misogyny in the Church by Dr. Admiral Ncube

Coming from a region where institutionalized racial segregation is a legacy of colonialism, I have no kind words for racism in whatever form. I consider the Black Lives Matter movement as an important and necessary moment in history where people of colour...

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The Blindspot: Owning my African Privilege in a Racialized America by Ehui Osei-Mensah

Before I moved to America, I was simply Ehui Nyatepe-Coo. Truthfully, other qualifiers preceded me thanks to my parents’ professional and social networks, the school I attended, and occasionally my academic achievements. I don’t remember ever being referred to by...

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We Did That by Lerato Oguntoye

So I did something.   And everyone I tell that I did this thing, asks me how I did it.   Have you ever done something that you had no choice but to do, and when the results are successful,...

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Owning Your Empathy by Sonia Dee

Hi Fam   I hope you’re still keeping well, safe and sane in this season amidst the pain riddling our world at present.   In a season where the news, social media, and timelines of friends and family are filled...

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Freedom to Love: Steffi & Jesse’s Testimony

Steffi & Jesse Hi bAw Fam   How are you holding up in this season? I hope it’s been mostly good considering the circumstances we find ourselves in with the coronavirus. My team and I have faced some really rough...

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Freedom in Crisis: A YouTube Conversation

  Hello bAwses!   It’s been a minute since we dropped a blog post! We’ll get into that some more at the end of this post.   Unless you’re living somewhere truly remote, you are probably experiencing and feeling the...

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Mental Health Awareness Month: How God Released Me From Negative Strongholds by Sonia Dee

Sonia Dee Hi fam! Welcome back to the blog. Thank you for always taking the time to come over and share in the journeys of black African women (bAw) seeking to see themselves right – through the eyes of Christ....

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Mental Health Awareness Month: A Love Story of Pain, Purpose and Faith by Babalwa Nkente

[caption id="attachment_4327" align="aligncenter" width="5760"] Photo by Nick Owuor (astro.nic.visuals) on Unsplash[/caption]   When I sit and think about the mental health landscape in South Africa, I am somewhat impressed with where we are as a country in becoming more aware of this growing...

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“Ebenezer: Thus Far the Lord Has Led Us” – An Interactive Session with the bAw Team this Friday!

Hey sis!   It’s been a whole minute – we know! 2019 keeps showing us flames, and we miss engaging you as frequently on this platform but we want you to know that we’re still here and still in your...

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Burnt Out? Hit Refresh by Larissa Subira

[caption id="attachment_4087" align="aligncenter" width="563"] Photo Cred: Black Enterprise online[/caption]   So apparently, we're in month 6 of the year. Is it just me or does each month feel more intense than the last? Or the feeling that time is flying,...

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