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Burnt Out? Hit Refresh by Larissa Subira

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So apparently, we’re in month 6 of the year. Is it just me or does each month feel more intense than the last? Or the feeling that time is flying, and you can’t quite get a grip of all that’s happening around you. Or just a general out of control feeling? Even when you try to do all the “self-care” we’re encouraged to. Maybe it’s just me.


Here at team bAw, in as much as we’ve had a plan on paper for the year, 2019 has individually thrown us some interesting curve balls. These curve balls have had us asking ourselves some tough questions.


This was further crystalized during episode 2 of #bAwUncensored last Sunday (see a recap of this episode here). Our human instinct to want to control things around us combined with the feeling of distance from God amps up emotions such as fear and anxiety.


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As believers we know there’s only one real solution to this: more time with God, putting ourselves before Him and giving over all that clouds our vision of Him and the things that we allow to get in the way of our relationship with Him.


So for the month of July, every Wednesday, we’d like to invite you to join us at 7pm Central African Time for prayer on all our social media pages(see below). As we pray for ourselves, we’d like to pray for and with you and your specific requests. You can DM us your prayer requests ahead of time through our social media sites on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you like things a bit simpler, you can email your requests to theblackafricanwoman@gmail.com.


Our spiritual guide Stha, will release a video in advance with a short devotion each week, and we’ll ask that all prayer requests be in by Monday 7pm Central African time.


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We want to take time to reconnect with God in order to finish this year, and the rest of our lives, strong. It doesn’t matter why, what matters is that you have a desire to re-connect and rejuvenate your relationship with God. If this is you, then you need to join in on our prayer challenge.


We can’t wait to meet with you in prayer sis.


With Love,


Larissa Subira (bAw Content Manager)


If you missed it, you can watch our 2nd episode of bAw Uncensored above 🙂