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Freedom to Love: Steffi & Jesse’s Testimony

Steffi and Jesse
Steffi & Jesse

Hi bAw Fam


How are you holding up in this season? I hope it’s been mostly good considering the circumstances we find ourselves in with the coronavirus. My team and I have faced some really rough patches personally and in this ministry in this season: from anxiety to unbearable work setups, and doubting God in some instances. And in doing so, and feeling overwhelmingly discouraged, we have come to the revelation that this season is about practicing intense kindness to self. I hope you are or will continue to do the same with yourself.


So today, we wanted to share what is honestly a powerful conversation between a Burundian husband and wife. We started a campaign in February titled, “A Day in the Life of a black African _____ woman”, where we get a black African woman (bAw) from across the globe to take over our Insta Stories and give us a glimpse into what life for her looks like. The aim with this campaign is to educate us, and the world at large, that bAw are unique and different, yet similar in many ways. Also, that every bAw’s story matters and needs to be heard to encourage another.


Steffi is a Burundian-Canadian who resides in Joburg and we had fun seeing what life is like for her currently under lockdown as a Chartered Accountant, wife and activist for all things women! She also wanted to give us insight into life as a married bAw, and her and her hubby decided to do a Live session on Friday late afternoon.


The gorgeous Steffi (@steffiakamissb)


That session was lit fam!! That in itself is an understatement cause their conversation took on a life of itself on our IGTV. This couple was so raw and honest about the struggles they have faced in their almost 4 years of marriage from insecurities from her hubby about her career, to signing up for couple’s therapy and dealing with emotional abuse among-st other things. They shared their story wholeheartedly and authentically and we have seen lives truly impacted since they opened up to us.


We wanted to get everyone in on this goodness, so we have put up their conversation on our YouTube channel. If you haven’t already seen it or would like to recap on what was shared, please feel free to click on the below link. We’d also like to encourage you to share it with friends and family you believe would benefit from hearing their story.



Thank you so much again to Steffi and Jesse for their willingness to be vessels in this season where Africans are hungry for authentic stories about love and marriage! We are so honoured that they would choose our platform to do this. May God continue to guide and bless their union.


Thank you for reading this sis and for staying in touch. We miss you and we’re praying for you still.


Have a great week ahead!


With love,