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H.E.R. Hike 2018

bAw H.E.R. Hike 2017

It’s half-time in the year 2018 and we at bAw are preparing to take stock of our lives so far, and to allow God to guide us in finishing the year strong!


August is women’s month in South Africa, and we would like to spend time with our lovely bAw sisters out in God’s nature. We will be Healing, Exhaling and Reflecting with some phenomenal women and we would love to have you join us.






What can you expect?


A short hike in the North of Joburg followed by a delicious breakfast picnic where we will get the chance to hear from two powerful women of God as we seek to understand Purpose.


Our theme for the breakfast conversation is “Living A Life Of Purpose” and we will have the honour of hearing the stories of Sarahina Mayoyo – Author, Coach and Speaker – as well as Rebecca Kanoerera who is a Speaker, Mentor and Coach herself.


Last year we had the priviledge of being inspired by Former Miss SA, Thuli Sithole.


These are women who have persevered in living intentionally and you will have the opportunity to hear how they have ventured onto this path. You will also get the chance to ask them questions about your own life journey and to connect with other like-minded Daughters of God.


Make sure that you book your tickets here by the 10th of August. Trust us – you don’t want to miss out!


We can’t wait to host you once again!


With love,

The bAw Team


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