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How a Coat Taught Me Patience


Photo Cred: Coneys Design Wear

For this week’s post I thought I would share with you some lessons that I penned down in June of this year.

Today God taught me the lesson of patience and waiting on Him to lead me to the best by using a coat. I know – sounds a bit crazy right? But it’s a true story. Those who know me have come to understand that I am rather spontaneous and I’m an action kind of person. Sometimes I act before I think and more often than not, I regret it after I’ve done it. I partly blame it on my Sanguine nature. We’re impulsive creatures and we’re moved by our current emotional state (which barely lasts long by the way). And so, when it comes to purchasing items I will recognize that I want to get something then I will just go out to the shops and get the first or second item I see. I’ll then walk past a better item a couple of days or weeks later (at a better price) and wish that I hadn’t purchased the original. Really sucks!

This process of decision-making sometimes flows into other areas of my life. For example, I rarely get angry with people but when I do, I blow it way out of proportion and can say or do things I later regret. Or at times I agree to do something because it feels good in the moment but I will be kicking myself later cause I would have realized that I don’t actually want to do it. I think you get my drift – I’m a go-with-the-wind kind of girl. However, about a year or so ago God started to plant this thought in my mind of the need to pause before acting or speaking. To be specific, it was a devotional that I read (can’t remember now who wrote it) and essentially it was a message from God which said,

“Pause before responding to people or situations, giving My Spirit space to act through you. Hasty words and actions leave no room for Me.”


Such profound words! And true to my nature, the moment I read that I was like, “Yes Lord! I’m going to learn to pause immediately! This is so doable – I’ve got this!” How wrong I was. Lol. A year later, and I’m only truly starting to live this lesson.

Enter the story about the coat. So as I write this it is the start of the coolness of winter in these southern parts of Africa. I’ve wanted to buy a new winter coat now for a few months (since the beginning of the year to be honest). Usually, I’d have gone out the moment I got paid to buy the first or second coat I saw. This time around though, I have been doing my research on different coats at different stores for the past 2 months or so. At one point I had the money to buy the coat but I wasn’t satisfied with what I was seeing. I just had this gut instinct that it wasn’t the best. So I held out and purchased other necessary items instead. But I remained with a clear picture of what I wanted and how much I was willing to spend on it.

Then came the end of May and as usual we got paid on the 25th of the month. However, I didn’t even rush to go checkout coats as I would have done before. Instead I browsed online here and there, and if I happened to be at the shops. Still, nothing tickled my fancy so I did nothing about it. Then today, I just got the sense that today was the day to go buy my coat. It was out there waiting for me. I went with a good girlfriend of mine and when I set eyes on this coat I told her it was the one! I just knew it! We went in and I tried it on and it sat so beautifully on my body. Guess what too – it was below my budget! I mean wow! And there you have it, I got the BEST coat for me. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for and what I’d pictured for less.

As I reflect on this set of events, I am reminded again about that statement above about pausing. Granted that it’s a year after I determined to learn to pause but the fact of the matter is I’m making progress. Not only that, I’ve been blessed with a practical experience of why God would want me to wait and pause before I make decisions or act out.  In a seemingly small exercise, He came through for me in a big way when I chose to go against my nature and rather wait on Him. He rewarded my patience and faithfulness to the lesson He’s been trying to teach me. Wow! I have learnt that waiting is worth it. It may be painful especially when you’re initially trying to learn patience but the more you learn to wait and then receive better results than if you’d rushed, the easier and more pleasant it becomes for you to wait. You actually get excited in the waiting period because you know there’s a jackpot waiting on the other side of your patience.

This is what God does for each of us. He patiently waits upon us even though He has to endure watching us make wrong and painful decisions. Even though He has to endure rejection from us over and over again. He just sits it out because He knows that the joy of eventually being in communion with us far outweighs the pain of waiting on us for it. I pray that I learn to become more patient especially in the bigger things of my life. Waiting can be the difference between a life-changing career and a dead-end job. It can be the difference between a fulfilling marriage and a divorce or broken home. I have a really good friend who is suuuuper patient (a bit too patient if you ask me – there are limits. Lol) and he seems to not regret his decisions at all. Maybe less than some of us anyway. I hope God takes me there but for now I’m so happy with the little He’s helped me to achieve. And so every time I put on that coat, I will remember why waiting it out just a little while longer is so much more worth it.

What’s your experience with waiting? What have you learnt in your waiting period? What has God grown in you because of waiting? Let’s share!

With love,

Sonia Dee