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How To Grow Longer and Thicker Hair by Patrina

Long thick natural hair
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Does it seem like your natural hair is taking forever to grow? You want to have healthier hair, but you might be getting frustrated along your journey.

Natural hair takes lots of time and patience. Plus, you need information and the right tools to have the hair you want. You probably only need to make a few tweaks to your regimen to see a difference.

In this post, you’ll find out ways to remedy your hair issues, so you can grow the kind of natural hair you’ve been dreaming about. If you want to know how to grow longer and thicker natural hair, read on.


Great Hair Comes from a Healthy Scalp


Scalp health should become a top priority if you want longer and thicker natural hair. Hair grows at an average of ¼ of an inch per month. Your hair will likely grow at the same rate as everyone else’s, but only if you have a healthy scalp.

Hair won’t grow well if the scalp is too irritated or inflamed. Malassezia, the fungus that causes dandruff, can lead to a host of hair growth issues. The fungus can clog pores and steal nutrients from the hair follicles. It can also make your scalp too itchy. Excessive scratching can then impair the scalp and damage the follicles.


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Here are my favorite remedies for soothing an irritated, itchy, or inflamed scalp:

Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Rosemary Essential Oils. These four oils have been scientifically proven to heal the scalp and promote hair growth. Use them separately, or all at once, but be sure to dilute them with a carrier like castor oil.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Also known as JBCO, this type of castor oil is potent and works to repair hair follicles so that they can grow healthy hair.


Nutrition and Exercise for Increased Hair Growth


Getting proper nutrition and activity will help to speed hair growth. If your body is starved of nutrition, it will send all nourishment to the heart, lungs, and other vital organs. And when your organs are well-nourished, your blood will deliver any leftovers to make hair and skin.

What does this mean for you? It means that you must eat well to get enough nutrients for hair growth. Otherwise, your hair will thin at the scalp and look dull.

But how do you get enough nutrition to feed the hair follicles? Your best bet is to cut junk food and eat plenty of lean protein and vegetables.

Great sources of beauty food are salmon, liver, legumes, spinach, and eggs. If you feel like you may be lacking nutrition, you can also supplement with a good hair, skin, and nails vitamin.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and to get regular exercise too. Being in an inverted yoga position will help stimulate the blood of the scalp.


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Length Retention through Moisturization


After you’ve begun working on having high-performance hair follicles, you’ll want to look at hair care and preventing breakage. Curly hair needs moisture to thrive, and it will break if you don’t hydrate and lock in moisture.

One of the best moisturization methods is the LOC method. Apply the ingredients in this order:

Liquid. Water is the first step in this moisture routine. You can take a shower, or you can use a water-based detangling product. The liquid step is your hydration stage and it is the most important. Hair requires H20 before anything else, and it will make your natural hair pliable and soft.

Oil. Using an oil in your regimen will allow you to lock in hydration. It will also add shine to dull hair and serve as a lubricant to help your curls slide apart easier. Healing and penetrative oils are the best oils to use during this stage.

Butta Butta Cream is the ideal product to use in this step because it contains a blend of the most effective oils for natural hair. Plus, it will keep your hair moisturized for up to five days, which means your hair won’t dry out during the week.

Cream. If you have 4C high porosity hair, you’ll want to use a heavy cream to coat your mane. Adding the cream layer will help to guard and protect the hair shaft from UV and friction. If you have low porosity hair, or product tends to sit on your hair, you may want to use a lighter cream. A light leave-in conditioner would work well here.


“I didn’t go natural. I decided to cherish what I’ve been given.” – Unknown


How to Detangle Without Breakage


Learning how to detangle without breakage is one of the best things you can master as a natural. It makes all the difference, and you’ll see your hair getting longer when you pay close attention to how you treat it on wash day and during the week.

Kinks and curls tend to snag each other, so it’s crucial to use products with slip. A slippery shampoo and conditioner will allow your curls to slide apart effortlessly. Try this detangling technique:

  1. Part your hair into four sections, and secure with a clip or two-strand twist.
  2. Apply a moisturizing slippery conditioner to each section. Then use your fingers to gently detangle under running water. Detangling your hair with a moisturizing conditioner under the flow of running water will help the tangles come apart easier.
  3. Re-twist or clip each section after you finish detangling to make sure the hair doesn’t become retangled. Proceed with the next two steps in the LOC method.


Protective Hairstyling for Retaining Length


After you’ve hydrated and moisturized your hair, you’ll want to keep the strands from being exposed to friction, wind and the sun. The best protective styles cover the ends of your hair without tight tension at the root.




Twists, braids, bantu knots and updos all make great protective styles. Using one of these methods will also allow you to stretch your hair, and this will make it much more manageable. Be sure to use Butta Butta Cream to protect your hair and prevent frizz, and then apply a heavy or light cream.

In addition, aim to protect your hair at night with a satin bonnet or silk scarf. Both will help to prevent tangles and breakage on your curls.

If you follow these main principals in your natural hair journey, you’ll find that you can see new growth faster. And then you’ll have healthier natural hair that you can fall in love with.

What about you? Have you used any of these techniques for growing longer and thicker natural hair?


Patrina is the founder of Naturalhairqueen.net; a blog to educate and inspire women with natural hair. Patrina just celebrated her 10-year natural hair anniversary, and achieved her goal of waist length hair. With the knowledge she has learned over the years she is dedicated to share her knowledge, and experience to educate women who wish to have moisturized, healthy natural long hair.

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Thank you Patrina for always sharing your wonderful insights when it comes to natural hair care! Let us know if you try out some of these great tips ladies and how they work for you.

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