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Our Hopes For The New Year


Our Hopes For 2018


Hey bAw fam!


I really hope that your year has got off to a good start. Today’s post is a bit light-hearted. The bAw Team and I just wanted to share what we’re hoping for in 2018 so we can keep each other encouraged. And to hopefully motivate someone who hasn’t really been feeling hopeful about this year. Happy reading and let us know what you think!


Lari, Content Manager

I hope that whatever I set my hands to do, whoever I interact with and whatever decision I make, may be God-led and God-approved.

Who is Lari? “I’m like a book coz it’s one of my favorite things #bookworm. But also because there’s layers to who I am beyond what you see with a surprise or two. So only through time will you get the essence of who I am.”


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Mpumi, Graphic Designer

I hope to say at the end of this year, “This is what I prayed for.”

Who is Mpumi? “I would compare myself to a healed sneaker. I am an anomaly because I am simultaneously an introvert and extrovert. It’s difficult for someone to get friendly with me, but once they get to know me, they are hooked! I’m a tad bit spontaneous but I also like organised/structured plans.  I would consider myself a serious person, but still a major goofball at heart. I’m professional; not a fan of mediocrity but I love to have fun. I like a balanced existence.”


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Rumbi, Social Media Manager

My deepest desire for 2018 is to continue walking in the revelation of who God is and who He is calling me to be. To have a deeper understanding of God’s love, His character and for me to truly embrace His love for me. I ultimately want to see myself as God sees me and become who God has called me to be. I believe there is great freedom and joy in walking in that knowledge and truth.

Who is Rumbi? “Wind best describes me in that I do not like to be pinned down. I don’t like to be confined to people’s constructs of who I am. I enjoy experiencing different things and am a multifaceted being who doesn’t believe in limitations. I like to surprise others and keep an open mind about things.”


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Sonia, Founder

I hope to fully embrace the fierce, slightly spicy, gentle and assured woman God is showing me to be. And I hope to do it in a way that brings Him glory.

Who is Sonia? “I would compare myself to a Mini Cooper. It’s elegant but slightly cheeky at the same time like me. On the outside I can appear to be petite and cute, but get to know me and you realize the power and determined spirit within! Like the Mini, I tend to want to get to different destinations in life with lightning speed but I am learning to exercise more patience and control. Plus one day I would like to own a Mini!


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Stha, Prayer Warrior

I hope that in 2018 The black African woman ministry reaches women whose hearts and minds may have wondered into places they feel or felt there would never be a way of escape. To restore the inward sight of these women and show them that they are indeed far more precious than rubies. To guide those that have so desired to hear the words “you are not alone.” to a place of comfort and openness. Above all my hope is that the black African woman platform reflects the love and compassion that only the saviour Jesus Christ can give through every line and every programme.

Who is Stha? “I would compare myself to my tablet. I have always loved convenience. Everything in one spot. I love convenience generally. My tablet provides a few things in one space. There are books that feed my spirit, music to soothe my soul, and a note pad where I write my feelings and emotions. That is exactly how I am – filled with so much knowledge and wisdom. I love to sing to soothe myself and my mind has so many stories and journeys to share.”


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It’s your turn sis. Hola back at us with some of your hopes for this year in the comments section below. We’d love to hear share in your journey.


Then when the year is drawing to an end, we can come back and review the dreams that were hidden deep within in our hearts and be pleasantly surprised at how God heard and delivered on them.

We wish you a hope-filled 2018 sis!


With love,

Sonia Dee and The black African woman Team


Little ol’ me 🙂