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So You Think Your Natural Hair Is Unmanageable?

4c Hair short
Photo Cred: Pinterest

Hey sis

Do you suffer from natural hair envy? Like, have you ever wished you too could have natural hair that looks healthy and is giving life? Are you close to giving up on your natural hair goals?


Then keep reading.


I don’t know how many times I have had women step up to my sister and I to marvel at our natural coils while touching them and saying, “I could never get my hair to look like this”. Or, “My hair is too kinky to ever get these great curls.” I see the disappointment in their eyes, and sometimes before they even get started, they have already given up on their crown of glory.


My baby sister and I rocking our natural hair at a wedding (Photo Cred: Rumbidzayi Dube)


This is why I believe God impressed it upon my heart to host a get-together where black African women (bAw) huddle for an intimate few hours to really dig into the issue of natural hair care: to listen to those who have gone ahead and figured out what works and what doesn’t; to have an opportunity to ask questions about what they can practically do for their own coils; and to purchase amazing, organic products that their hair will love.


In the month of April, we are focused on all things hair on our social media pages. And to end it off, we will have one of our popular Natural Hair Appreciation Tea events taking place on Sunday, 6 May.


Poster Cred: Nompumelelo Simango


At this event, we will equip you with tools and tips to better love your coils and take care of them. We will empower you to go from “can’t” to “can”. This year, you can expect to hear from experts on the topic of natural hair care. You’ll get to indulge in a full meal, cake and tea, plus a goodie bag to take away with you for your crown of glory. Our sponsors, Archaic Human and Earth Elements, will have their organic and natural hair products on sale, and are giving away fantastic prizes! Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stand a chance to win and to see what else is in store for the big day!


You can purchase your tickets at Quicket by the 26th of April. Our early bird tickets are going for R250/Queen until the 13th of April and will sell for R300/Queen thereafter. Make sure you get your ticket asap as this event sells out each time!


I thought to share some feedback from some of the ladies who have attended our Natural Hair Appreciation Tea in times past to give you inspiration:


[wpvideo ym1wwDY9]

Tsu gives her testimony from last year’s Natural Hair Appreciation Tea.




Hi there, I’m Stha. I haven’t been too brave for the big chop. So I decided to transition. Many people have told me that my hair is amazing but I never thought my crown is actually something I should be proud of. After all, I asked my mom to relax it because it was so painful to comb at a young age, so I only knew chemicals. This natural hair journey was so new to me… 
Well I wanted to attend the first bAw hair event, to kill my ignorance on natural hair. However, I only got a chance to attend the second one. I must say that I love the fact that the most ladies there “were all learning”. The tips provided for my hair are things I have held on to since the last one. And most of all the struggles we have the BLACK HAIR… gosh that provided comfort for my soul and above all my hair. I am definitely looking forward to the next one. 


So, what are you waiting for?! Go ahead and grab your tickets now and revive your natural hair journey! 🙂


With love,

Sonia Dee

Images from last year’s Natural Hair Appreciation Tea!