Of Men, Money & Manhood by Dr. Admiral Ncube

Dr. Admiral Ncube returns to share thoughts around the fact that "as long as there is an emphasis and expectation on men to provide financial security in a relationship, all forms of abuse will find expression." It is time that both men and women re-frame their understanding of financial security in a relationship and the roles of each sex in that relationship. #EndGBV #MenAndManhood #MoneyAndManhood #MoneyAndAbuse #IndepdendentWomen

bAw African Love Series S2: Cain & Nomusa (Episode 1)

Hi Family!   Today’s post is short and sweet – more of an announcement really. As we briefly mentioned last week, today we are sharing the first video from Season 2 of our African Love Series!   Navigating the issue…

Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway? by Larissa Subira

This month, as many around the world celebrate the month of love, the question often arises as to how a b.a.w  (black African woman) can balance the competing cultures she finds herself in.  We are fed many images of romance from…

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