Thought-Provoking Tuesdays: Your Life

Sometimes we don't take enough time to pause and reflect on our life and the meaning it possesses. Taking the time to do this allows us to be grateful and to appreciate what we have, and to encourage us to continue moving forward. I think my answer would be: Miracle What's yours? Post your answer … Continue reading Thought-Provoking Tuesdays: Your Life

Thought-Provoking Tuesdays: Your Story

I received this short devotional from my mother-friend, Aunt Gail. It really made me question whether I honestly understand my story as God has purposed it. Do I short-change His vision for me? Do I doubt who He says I am? Do I truly understand how He desires to heal and grow and love me? … Continue reading Thought-Provoking Tuesdays: Your Story

Thought-Provoking Tuesdays: Knowing Yourself

More often than not, we don't take the time to dig deeper into who we are as individuals. When asked some questions, we can't really give an answer because we have not spent enough time knowing our own thoughts and desires. Our own weaknesses and strengths. Our own likes and dislikes. I love this question … Continue reading Thought-Provoking Tuesdays: Knowing Yourself

Thought-Provoking Tuesdays: Seeking

Hi Fam! Today's thought-provoking question is one we don't often pause to contemplate. Were we to do so though, the answer would reveal the burning desires in our hearts. Some of us would realize we are still seeking to understand ourselves better. Others would say they are still searching for that person who makes them … Continue reading Thought-Provoking Tuesdays: Seeking

Thought-Provoking Tuesdays: Life’s Journey

Today's thought-provoking question comes at a time when we are winding down the year and reflecting on where we've come from, what we've achieved and hopefully where we'd like to go.   Photo Cred: CA Club India online Let me know your answers to this question in the comments section below. I'd love to hear … Continue reading Thought-Provoking Tuesdays: Life’s Journey

Thought-Provoking Tuesdays: Happiness

Hi bAw family 🙂 I've been thinking a lot this week about how we tend to go through life with questions or ideas that if we express them allow us to move forward with life so much better. Then I realized (also from my studies) that when we are asked questions, we find it easier … Continue reading Thought-Provoking Tuesdays: Happiness