Our Perfect Expectations Of Love

  There is no such thing as a guy who is “ready for marriage”.   Well, this is the conclusion I have come to based on endless hours of reading up on relationships and marriage, and speaking to married folks that I respect and look up to.   For some reason, our generation has been … Continue reading Our Perfect Expectations Of Love

To The Man I Love, But Am Yet To Meet

Me in beautiful Cape Town in July 2015 You see me. All of me. And not once have you shrunk back from my awkward talkative nature or loud laugh or my desperate need to analyse everything. Instead, you have a way of turning my flaws and failures into possibilities and opportunities for me to be … Continue reading To The Man I Love, But Am Yet To Meet

How a Coat Taught Me Patience

Photo Cred: Coneys Design Wear For this week’s post I thought I would share with you some lessons that I penned down in June of this year. Today God taught me the lesson of patience and waiting on Him to lead me to the best by using a coat. I know – sounds a bit crazy … Continue reading How a Coat Taught Me Patience