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The Evolution of bAw


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Hi family!


And a Happy New Year to each one of you! I hope you had a good break and I wish you God’s best for your 2018! No plan, wish or desire will ever surpass the plans/purposes God has for your life.


You may have noticed that there are quite a few changes to our blogsite and social media pages – as I’ve mentioned in the video above. In today’s post, I wanted to briefly share this new direction we’ve taken.


In September last year I was experiencing hectic burnout and God told me to take time off work. I took about a week off just to switch off from the world and soak myself in His presence. I needed to get balanced again but little did I know that I would gain greater clarity and insight into what God wanted me to do with the ‘black African woman’ ministry.


I was led to study Christ’s healing ministry in the gospels which set the tone for our “why”, the reason we exist as a ministry. I wanted to share this with you guys here:



If you read the accounts of Christ healing people in the Bible, one of the very first actions He engaged in was seeing the individual He was about to heal. He saw their faith; their pain; their circumstances/background; their desire and; needs. He saw the person. (Matthew 5:1; Matthew 8:14; Matthew 9:2)

So our most important mandate in this ministry is to see the black African woman right – through Christ’s eyes. To see her without our, or society’s, pre-judgements and/or tainted views. When we have the correct perception, we can let God show us how to minister to others so they become their best selves.


“You can’t heal what you can’t see.” – Sonia Dee


Can't heal what you can't see
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In most instances, Christ touched the sick – especially those who had been shunned and were labelled “dirty”. He was personal and intimate so that the person He was healing had no doubt that He cared and was not put off by their illness. He met them where they were and as they were. (Matthew 8:3; Matthew 8:15; Matthew 9:25, 29, 36)

Likewise, we desire to operate from a place of compassion by reaching out to every black African woman who feels rejected or lost or hopeless. We want you to know that you are never out of the reach of God’s love and healing. We want to get practical in how we reach and engage you – to meet you where you are.


“You can’t heal who you have no compassion towards.” – Sonia Dee



Whenever Christ communicated with those He was healing, He spoke positive and healing words. He spoke wholeness into their very being because He understood the power of the tongue. (Matthew 8:8; Matthew 8:16)

We are committed to sharing messages that are affirmative, positive and intentional in uplifting and encouraging bAw – whether in our personal spaces or on our platforms. We believe that we have the same creative power that Christ had with His words, and we desire to use them to heal (Proverbs 18:21).


“Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well.” – Robin Sharma


Words can build up or destroy
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In a nutshell, I wanted to be clearer about bAw’s mission. In my short life, I have come to recognize that the root of most of our hurt and suffering is that we don’t see ourselves right – through Christ’s eyes. We see ourselves through television, family, social media, peers, corporate rules and so on.


These are places where we should be sharing ourselves and not discovering ourselves. We desire to be the conduits that help you discover yourself in Christ. And so, the bAw ministry needed to become clearer about their why: being the conduit that leads black African women to see themselves the way God sees them so that they can become whole.


“You are precious in My eyes and honoured and I love you.” – Isaiah 43:4


We look forward to walking with you as your “eyesight” becomes clearer.


I hope you like what we’ve done with the site and the content we’re sharing on our social media pages. Let us know what you think about the new direction we’ve taken. How can we see you better? How can we best reach you where you are?


Do shout with any suggestions or thoughts on how we can serve you better. You can comment below or email us at theblackafricanwoman@gmail.com.


May you have a hope-filled 2018 sis!


With love,

Sonia Dee