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What You Can Look Forward To At bAw In 2019


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Hey fam


Happy New Year to those I haven’t yet wished! I know we’re well into the first month and the year may not feel as new, but it’s never too late to wish the best for others for what’s ahead.


It’s 21:25 on Tuesday and I’m exhausted. I had a long day of work then further meetings after that. Literally got home about 30 minutes ago and on the drive here I couldn’t stop thinking about how tired I felt.




The moment I thought of you (yes you reading this!) and sharing snippets of what my team and I have been inspired of God to do with and for you in 2019, my energy levels rose back up! This is how much I am passionate about this movement and helping you to see yourself right.


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Today’s post is going to be extremely brief. I literally just wanted to welcome you into a brand-new chapter of life and to offer you a sneak peak into what 2019 holds for us as black African women on this platform!


As I sat towards the end of last year and asked God what vision He had for us in the next year, all I heard was silence for a good two months or so. I even thought that maybe it was time to put this work down. But, something told me to keep praying and waiting on God to answer.


And answer He did! Below is a calendar of the events we have planned for this year – and that’s not even the most important part for me.


bAw 2019 Events Calendar


I think what you can look forward to is content and programs geared to help you practically see yourself the way God does, and to step into the new normal He prepared for you from the beginning of time. At the end of last year, a bunch of us ladies spent time away in a beautiful setting with Aunt Gail, and the act of pausing to reflect on our lives allowed great clarity to enter our minds and hearts.


This will form the main theme for bAw in 2019: Recognizing that our journey to healing is not something to be rushed or dictated by us. Instead, we choose to remember at the start of each day of 2019 that, ‘In the beginning God…”.


So, as we go through losses or unfair treatment, or even illness, we are committed to casting our eyes back on Jesus so that we can know that even in the depths of trouble, He is constant. He’s the reason we’ll get back up.


Not only that, even in our victories this year, and the wonderful wins we’ll experience, we choose to remember that it’s only because God has been there from the very beginning and will continue to carry us through, that we are victorious.


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So sis, be sure to download our calendar and diarize the dates! We’ve been praying for our time together. These are more than just events for us. These are moments of collision between an amazing Father and His daughters. These are moments of sisterhood and growth. Moments of honesty and being stretched. Moments of beauty and celebration. And so much more.


We can’t promise you that you’ll experience fluffy and perfectly curated content or events with us. What you’ll get is what’s real – our tears, our hopes, our dreams, our honesty and our loyalty. All because God has commissioned us to be His vessels to help you truly become whole.


Look out for newness in all we do this year! From our social media content to some exciting workshops inbetween events, and some other exciting projects! Let us know what you’re looking forward to for the new year in 2019. Or maybe what you’re dreading or struggling to see for yourself in this new season.


Let’s ride together sis!


With love,

Sonia Dee


Flashback to being home in Harare these holidays!