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Women’s Month Post: In Conversation With Isabelle Kamariza

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Isabelle is a humble, 33-year old woman from Rwanda who is currently the President and Founder of Solid’Africa. Solid Africa is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) that supports vulnerable patients in public health facilities by providing them with food, clearing their medical bills and paying for their bus fares home amongst other things.


Isabelle is a devout Christian who was convicted by a sermon to get out of her comfort zone and do something to help others in need. She began by visiting sick patients in hospital and was disturbed by the conditions in which they lived. Slowly she began to build a network of people who helped to raise funds to alleviate patients in public Rwandan hospitals.


She has been interviewed on CNN and is a One Young World ambassador from November 2015. She was also honoured with the Commonwealth Point of Light award by Queen Elizabeth II in June. Solid’Africa has been in operation since September 2010 and is making a great difference in the lives of those who desperately need the compassion and care of others. We salute Isabelle for doing what we’re called to do as Christians – genuinely care for others in whatever way we can where we are.


Isabelle Kamariza. Source: Taarifa Online


See below a brief interview of Isabelle conducted by Larissa Subira (our Content Manager), and show her some love by leaving your comments at the end.


What is the thing/s you appreciate most about being a woman?

I really didn’t ever ask myself this question as I can’t picture myself as anything else than a woman. But I would say that the thing I appreciate the most about being a woman is being a mum.

Why do you think people should be involved in their communities?
People should be involved in their communities because the construction of our society depends on everybody taking part in it. It’s not only up to our governments but to us as citizens to come up with solutions and implement them. Also you can’t live in a community, noticing what is missing and only complain. If so, then you are part of the problem and not the solution. We should not aspire to just be bystanders.




What have you learned in your outreach work?

I have learned that the more you focus on other people, the more God focuses on you. This work has been such a blessing to me and my family that I am so humbled by it. People don’t always understand how I am the one benefiting from it.

What inspired your move to work in the community?

I believe in equity, so I have to work for it to happen in my own small way. I also believe in compassion, and always assume I am the one in our patient’s shoes. But mostly the patients we serve are the ones inspiring our work. Even if they don’t have the means, they have so much dignity and are always eager to also help out other patients.


“Also you can’t live in a community, noticing what is missing and only complain. If so, then you are part of the problem and not the solution.” – Isabelle Kamariza

What have you learned about service?

I have learned that once you decide to help another human being, you will always find A WAY. God is always on your side when you decide to do good. Service is a matter of you shifting your mind-set and wanting it.

What do you wish people understood about service?

That it doesn’t require anything except your will. We often link helping others with money, or think that to help you have to be rich somehow. But it only requires commitment, and then you will always succeed.

Please share a random fun fact about yourself that not many people

I solve my conflicts in my dreams and in the morning I am at peace.


Photo Cred: CNN online


Thank you Isabelle for inspiring us and reminding us that being a blessing to others is our life’s work. It doesn’t take a lot from us except a genuine willingness and commitment, as well as allowing God to take care of our needs while we focus on others.


Make sure you check out the amazing work Isabelle is doing in Rwanda here. You can also find Solid’Africa and Isabelle at the following social media pages:


Facebook:          Isabelle Nizeyimana Kamariza / Solid Africa

Web:                   www.solidafrica.rw

Twitter:             @solidafrica


Thanks as always for reading sis and we hope you remain an inspiration in your own corner!


With love,

Sonia Dee