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Women’s Month Post: In Conversation With Lesego Ntsoele

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Hey fam!


Happy Women’s Month to every Warrior Princess reading this here post today. And of course, happy Women’s Day for tomorrow!


For Women’s Month we decided to search for the Sheroes in our communities who are making waves to positively impact their communities regardless of the size of their audience. Women you don’t read about everyday but who work tirelessly to better the lives of others.


We conducted brief interviews with a few of them and today we share our first interview with the beautiful and spirited Lesego Ntsoele! Enjoy learning more about this lovely lady and how she believes you too can make a difference in the small space you occupy.


Hi Lesego, thank you for choosing to share a bit of your story here with us today. Could you please let our readers know who Lesego is?


Lesego Ntsoele

 I’m Lesego Ntsoele and I was born in Sebokeng, Sharpeville but spent most of my childhood and upbringing in Mabopane, Pretoria. I live in Slovoville, Winterveldt – the furthest townships of Mabopane that are rarely known for good things.

Like any other “local community” it’s known for so many struggles and it is very difficult to stay on track and not allow the environment to swallow you up with its influences. My parents kept my older brothers and I off the streets when we were getting older. I grew up in a loving family of four with a dog. We are like the middle classes of my neighbourhood – we live in a big enough house which used to be an RDP. Both my parents drive good cars and we go to church every Sunday.

Our faith in God is the core value of our family and was instilled in us from a young age, so we grew up with strong Christian values. I started acting from preschool and discovered I could sing at age 8. Since my teenage years, I have been pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. I now have a baby girl, Oarona and am working to give her a good life which has had its challenges. It’s not an easy journey, so I started an initiative called Mellennial Parents Network and we launch our first event on the 18th of August.




Lesego, what is the thing/s you appreciate most about being a woman?  

The thing I appreciate the most about being a woman, is that I wasn’t an afterthought in God’s creation. That even after creating Adam, God saw that someone was missing, and that was me and a whole lot of other phenomenal women out there. We live in a society that has somehow made it weak to be a woman, less than, not enough. We have to compete to do what men can do. We are no longer queens but kings, as though a queen has no power, or exceptional traits to do what she does. I say be a Queen, and do what Queens do. That way life will be more enjoyable and effortless.


Powerful words lady, thank you! Following on from that, why do you think people should be involved in their communities?

I think people should be involved in their communities because it is significant to do so. Significant for self and for the development of those around us. It teaches one gratitude, humility, and selflessness and those are qualities of a citizen who will impact society positively. Plus we need more people who put other people’s needs before their own.


You’ve been quite intentional about working within your community which we love. What have you learned in your outreach work?

What I have learned in my outreach work is to really trust God, that way the work that I do goes beyond just that one day, or one event. It leaves a lasting impression of Hope, and that hope is Jesus which is what people are hungry and thirsty for. You can feed a person, or even clothe them, but they are still returning back to a hopeless situation at home – back to depression and anxiety. So why not give more than kindness, and give people Hope in Jesus, the One who will meet the needs that go beyond the physical.


Lesego the Singer


Thank you Lesego, we couldn’t agree more. The world is in desperate need of Christ as life has become increasingly painful to bear.

There are a number of young women who would probably like to get involved in being a blessing to their communities. What would you tell someone who would like to start giving back to their community and make a difference in other people’s lives?

What I would tell someone who is looking to be involved in their community is to go for it, find something that their passionate about and do it with the right motives. Trust God to provide and to always believe in their work. I can assure anyone that someone out there is waiting to appreciate their efforts to change their community.


Short, sweet and packed with a punch! Finally, it’s probable that not many of the bAw sisters know who you are. Please share a random fun fact about yourself to help us get to know Lesego a bit better.

A fun fact about me is that I enjoy interviewing myself about my future. I talk about what I’ll be doing at age 25 as though I’m already doing it. It’s one of my fun ways to motivate myself to be productive towards my goals. I do the whole two way conversations, and I laugh in between. It’s so hilarious sometimes I stop to ask myself, “Girl what’s wrong with you? Is any of this normal?”

Thank you for the interview, I finally got to be interviewed, Yay!! See my fun fact wasn’t in vain.


“Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.” – Martin Luther King Jr


Thank YOU Lesego for giving us some inspiration to tip us over into our Women’s Day celebrations! To see such a young lady take a stand for something greater than herself is definitely inspiring. We wish you all the best in everything you do lady. God bless you abundantly.


If you enjoyed Lesego’s interview, do show her some love below and let her know. Thank you as always for reading sis. We hope to see you at our upcoming Hike event on the 19th of August! You can buy your tickets here until the 10th of August. It promises to be a memorable girl’s day out! Otherwise, have a fantastic Women’s Day 🙂